Epicorp History

From its inception in 2001, Epicorp established its credentials as a successful centre of commercialisation excellence.  Its high-value portfolio includes a number of investments spun out from quality Australian centres of research. Epicorp’s portfolio encompasses areas within ICT as diverse as media editing and wind resource assessment to broadband telecommunication and highly-precise global positioning. 

Epicorp focussed on the early-stage commercialisation of research from the country’s pre-eminent centres of innovation by working closely with Australian’s major research institutions.

Epicorp was supported by an $4.57m, ITC incubator program (ICTIP) grant from the Federal Government Department of Communications, Information Technology and The Arts (DCITA), a supporting grant from the ACT Government, and the provision of buildings by CSIRO.

Epicorp's objectives are to:

  • Create a strong high technology commercialisation system for the Australian Capital Region, under common ownership and management, involving the Region's research institutions and supported by Government and the private sector;
  • Draw together the relevant resources and players in the Region;
  • Foster and support the commercialisation of technology and knowledge from  CSIRO, UC, NICTA and industry within the broader Australian Capital Region community; and
  • Complement other commercialisation initiatives.

Epicorp delivers assistance to new-start and spin-off ventures in two ways:

  • Through the implementation of a tailored Incubator Program designed to assist businesses to commercialise IP; and
  • Through the provision of seed funding to suitable Epicorp incubator businesses.

Epicorp portfolio companies make a difference.  They employ talented IT professionals, contribute to Australia’s ICT export balance and reflect global best practice in the areas of business management and corporate governance.

In 2008, the ICT Incubator's programme ended.  However, the work of Epicorp continues.  Its portfolio of outstanding Australian innovation is being managed by Origin Ventures.  Origin is a Canberra-based venture capital and corporate advisory firm.

Epicorp has also make provision for the continuation of its incubation and business development work through a new joint venture with the ACT Government called Lighthouse Business Innovation Centre.

The objective of Lighthouse is to is to provide a wide range of business programs to attract individuals representing the spectrum of industries and services, including arts and design. As a venture demonstrates its potential, Lighthouse will offer more targeted, higher-value and expert level of programs, advice and consultancy that leverages its established links into Canberra’s innovation ecosystem.