Epicorp Seed Fund 3

  1. Epicorp Seed Fund (ESF) 3 manages a significant pool of funds. The objective of the ESF 3 is to deliver high returns at reduced risk to early-stage investors in selected IT&C businesses.
  2. ESF 3 invests in businesses that are selected to participate in the Epicorp Incubator Program which assists them to meet defined commercial outcomes.
  3. ESF 3 leverages ICTIP funding with private investment, offering incubator businesses potentially significant equity finance.
  4. Epicorp assists incubatee businesses to source other investment from angels, industry partners and venture capitalists as part of their path to commercialisation.
  5. Businesses that are accepted into the Epicorp Incubator Program are eligible to apply for ESF 3 funding. This funding is provided on an equity basis on negotiated terms.